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 SYAXE VARSITY   / What is Aura?Why is it important?
February 12, 2019

What is Aura?Why is it important?

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What’s an aura? Why is it much spoken these days? In this blog, let’s discuss a little bit of this and produce some positive Aura.

The aura has for some time been portrayed as an electromagnetic vitality field that includes individuals—like an egg-molded wad of vitality that includes the body. The aura comprises of seven dimensions/layers/auric bodies, otherwise called the physical, astral, lower, higher, otherworldly, intuitional, and supreme planes.

Having a positive Aura spreads positive vibe in an around us and would have better experience inwardly, in aura there are different experiential which can be described below as:

•    The bodily aura plane:

•    The astral aura plane:

•    The spiritual aura plane:

•    The intuitional aura plane:

•    The absolute aura plane:

Each sector of aura is very important and it does make much difference in everyone life because aura is attached or related to our emotions whichever emotions we show that totally depends from the aura, and that has different colors and those colors depict our emotions such as,

Yellow Aura Energy Meaning

Yellow aura strength has a particular physical relationship to the spleen and to the individual’s vitality source, otherwise known as chi.

Blue Aura Meaning

Blue atmosphere hues speak to the throat, explicitly the thyroid. In the event that your aura energy is blue, you’re natural, and you adore helping individuals.

Orange Energy Meaning

Orange aura vitality is related to the regenerative organs and how an individual’s feelings are bound to that set of the body.

A red aura is a standout amongst the most dominant hues found in quality energy and those with a red aura are energetic, solid and responsive to their condition.

Purple Aura Meanings

Purple vitality in the aura is related to the pituitary organ, pineal organ, and the sensory system.

Green Aura Meaning

Individuals with a green aura are increasingly associated with nature and will in general spotlight most on helping other people. Green is the shade of the heart and of nature.

Dark Aura Meaning

What does a dark secretion mean? Dark atmospheres show you’re clutching negative emotions. Commonly, it demonstrates a reluctant and unforgiving soul.


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